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Double-click “(Default)” in the right pane and enter whatever name you want to appear in File Explorer’s context menu. For example, you could enter “Open a Bash shell here” or just “Bash”. If you want the Bash entry to have an icon in File Explorer’s context menu, right-click the “bash” key and select New > String Value.

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A new cybersecurity threat advisory from Akamai Technologies alerts enterprises to a DDoS botnet-building operation by attackers taking advantage of the Shellshock Bash bug in Linux-based, Mac OS X and Cygwin systems. Sep 26, 2014 · Apple has finally responded to concerns over the Bash software bug, acknowledging that it is aware of the vulnerability.The company downplayed the risk saying that a vast majority of OS X users ...

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I just had this exact problem, it turned out to be a text file encoding problem. For me to fix it while running Xubuntu 14.04.3 LTS, I installed dos2unix and converted the script's encoding and then ran the script again using sudo and it worked fine.

The Stratosphere IPS project was born in the CTU University of Prague in Czech Republic, as part of the PhD work of Sebastian García. Currently Stratosphere is composed of more than 30 researchers located all over the world.