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All weapons showcase from MMod Version 1.3 for Half-Life 2. New animations, sounds and effects. The developers have done their best!Thank you for watching!

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More Half-life Mods. This mod adds a huge arsenal of weapons to the game. Over 60 different kinds of weapons to choose from. File name. Downloads. Added. half-lifewe_1.5..5_fullinstall.exe. 55. 22 Oct 2007.

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AMX Mod X (AMXX) is a Metamod plugin which allows you to write modifications for Half-Life with Small scripting language. Half-Life. Admin Commands. [HL] Weapon Spawn Effects. GordonFreeman (RU). Half-Life. Fun Stuff.Half-Life 2 has many special details. You can explore that while playing in different chapters. I will not reveal it here, because spoiling may spoil the fun of the game. Unlock powerful weapons to defeat enemies. Half-Life 2 does not provide players with weapons. The player starts off with an iron bar for self defense. See full list on half-life.fandom.com

Replaces (all weapons with their Half-Life counterparts.) (comes with an optional hands version, but only supports the shotgun and pistol as of now) Sledgehammer -- Crowbar Spraypaint -- Military Themed Spraycan Extinguisher -- More Detail Added Blowtorch -- Military Welder Shotgun -- SPAS Shotgu... Counter Life Is a Half Life Mod Which Allows You to Play Half Life With Counter Strike Weapons ... Half Life Weapon Mod Pack in Teardown ❤️Thanks for watching!:) Subscribe to my channel for more!