How to find magnitude of acceleration

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Part A Find the highest point in the trajectory, H . Express the highest point in terms of the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity g, the initial Hint 1. How to approach this part Use one of the equations that you had derived for H and R. You will need to find an expression for sin(θ) and/or cos...

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Find: The magnitude of the plane’s acceleration when it is at point A. Plan: 1. The change in the speed of the plane (0.8 m/s2) is the tangential component of the total acceleration. 2. Calculate the radius of curvature of the path at A. 3. Calculate the normal component of acceleration. 4. Determine the magnitude of the acceleration vector.

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Learning Goal: Understand how to apply the equations for 1-dimensional motion to the y and x directions separately in order to derive standard Note that Newon's 2nd law allows one to find the magnitude of the object's acceleration. It also establishes the fact that the acceleration of an object...Calculate the acceleration of a car if the force on the car is 450 Newtons and the mass is 1300 kilograms. Calculate the acceleration of a jet car racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats if the force on it (the “Thrust”) is 500,000 Newtons and the mass is 2,100 kilograms. STUDENT WORKSHEET: Fighting Gravity!

Check out our physics videos at This shows you how to calculate velocity, acceleration and kinetic energy using Excel